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Jetpack offers many tools that will allow you to easily customize the way that your site looks.

Are you tired of the same old site design? If so, you'll be happy to know that Jetpack offers several modules that can help you spruce up your site's appearance. Whether you want to implement some Custom CSS to easily change colors, fonts, and more, or if you want to speed up your site by delivering your images from's servers with Photon, you can do it all with Jetpack.

Here are some resources to help get you started:

  • Twitter Timeline Widget - The Twitter Timeline widget shows your latest tweets within a sidebar on your theme.
  • התאמה אישית של כלי הפוסטים הקשורים - כמו כלי ג'טפאק האחרים, גם כלי הפוסטים הקשורים כולל פילטרים המאפשרים להתאים אישית את מראה הפוסטים הקשורים ולהתאים אותו לצרכיך.
  • פוסטים קשורים - כלי הפוסטים הקשורים מושך תוכן רלוונטי מהבלוג שלך ומציג אותם בתחתית הפוסטים שלך.
  • Infinite Scroll - Instead of navigating down a page by scrolling and then clicking a link to get to the next page, waiting for a page refresh, infinite scrolling pulls the next set of posts automatically into view when the reader approaches the bottom of the page, more like an application.
  • Custom CSS - The Custom CSS Editor allows you to customize the appearance of your theme without the need to create a child theme or worry about theme updates overwriting your customizations.
  • פוטון - Photon is an image acceleration and editing service for sites hosted on or on Jetpack-connected WordPress sites.
  • ניראות וידג'טים - The Widget Visibility module enables you to configure widgets to appear only on certain pages (or be hidden on certain pages) by using the Visibility panel.