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Twitter Timeline Widget

The Twitter Timeline widget shows your latest tweets within a sidebar on your theme. It’s an easy way to add more activity to your site and you can customize it with various options.

Twitter Widget display

You can setup a Twitter Timeline Widget by following these steps:

  1. Go to Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Drag the "Twitter Timeline (Jetpack)" widget in to one of your active sidebars.
  3. Create a new widget at
  4. Paste the widget ID in to the corresponding field within your WordPress Dashboard.
    (The widget ID is the long number you see in the URL while editing your Twitter widget.)

Twitter Widget Options

Troubleshooting this widget

If you want a scrollbar in your widget and you have set a fixed height, you can not set a tweet limit in the "# of Tweets Shown:" box. When a number of tweets is specified, the scrollbar is disabled. This means that the widget will also ignore the "Height" setting; the widget's height will be based on the size of the tweets.

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